this is a list of human characters from the arrival films I-II

list of humansEdit

Characters actor first appearance status

Zane Zaminsky

Charlie Sheen

the arrival

(mentioned in the second arrival)

decessed (due to heart attack or by the alien agents)
  Ilana Green Lindsay Crouse the arrival film decessed
Char Teri Polo the arrival alive (unknown)

Jack Addison

Patrick Muldoon the second arrival alive
Calvin Richard Schiff the arrival tba
Tom Billings Stéphane Blanchette the second arrival decessed
Bridget's Newspaper Editor David Nerman the second arrival alive
Bridget Riordan Jane Sibbett  the second arrival alive
Dave Cyrus Steve Adams the second arrival decessed
Professor Nelson Zarcoff Michael Sarrazin the second arrival decessed

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